How to Make Fruit Soda Using Soda Maker Classic

How to Make Fruit Soda Using Soda Maker Classic?

Nothing beats the feeling of a cold fruit soda down the throat on a hot day. On top of quenching your thirst, fruit sodas add minerals, vitamins and nutrients into your body. With just one magical appliance, you may experience this feeling from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, you may use this appliance in your café or a restaurant to help prepare fruit sodas and water sodas for your customers in no time. However, like most other kitchen appliances, using a soda maker for the first time may feel challenging.

If that sounds like you, we understand and are here to help. This article explains what soda maker classic is, how to make fruit soda using it and the unique features that enable it to offer convenience and satisfaction.

What is a Soda Maker Classic?

A soda maker classic is a stainless appliance used to make soda water and fruit sodas. Soda maker classic works by carbonating water with carbon dioxide from a pressurized cartridge to form water soda.

These pressurized cartridges are known as soda chargers. These chargers are screwed on their respective charger holders before tightly fixing them onto the upper side of the soda maker to facilitate the release of carbon dioxide into the soda maker classic.

The iSi Soda Maker Classic is a stylish and elegant soda maker designed to satisfy your cooking needs and add a taste of class and taste. These soda makers are known for their ability to create sparkling or carbonated water and also fruit or herbs sodas.

An iSi Soda Maker Classic combines carbonated water with your chosen flavour to create an irresistible fruit soda for you or your customers. Some of the flavours that you may select from include orange, cola or lemon flavours.

How to make fruit soda using soda maker classic

Most kitchen appliances require us to borrow knowledge from the internet or other platforms on how to use them to achieve different cooking milestones. The soda maker classic is one such appliance.

For outstanding results, one must first understand how this appliance works, its unique features and how they may use it to prepare different delicacies for their families or business. Below is a step-by-step guide and essential facts to note when making fruit soda using a soda maker classic.

1. Rinse out the soda maker before using it for good measure

You may also place the soda maker inside your refrigerator for a short time before use to maintain coolness throughout the process.

2. Prepare your fruit juice and fill it into the soda siphon

Every soda maker contains a siphon tube, which also acts as a measuring tube. Add water into this tube until it reaches the part marked maximum. Remember to leave out enough air space to facilitate a seamless process.

At this point, you may place your fruit soda into the refrigerator to ensure it cools down. The colder the fruit soda, the more CO2 it will absorb and the better the results.

3. Screw the siphon head tightly back onto the soda maker

This will keep your soda safe from spillage during the shaking process and when dispensing the final product.

4. Charge the soda maker

You may be wondering how this is possible. Soda makers receive their required charge from their special cartridges known as soda chargers to create that seltzer water or carbonated fruit soda for you.

Most soda makers have three parts attached to their heads; the dispensing tool, the handle and the charger holder cap.

Charging your soda maker will require you first to screw your soda chargers onto their holder and screw them back on the soda maker's head until you hear a hissing sound. This hissing sound illustrates that CO2 is getting released into your content.

5. Shake the soda maker

After charging your soda maker by having your soda charger release CO2 into your contents, shake the mixture vigorously for 15 to 30 seconds to dissolve the gas in your water. For maximum fill effervescence, allow the fruit soda to stay still after shaking for about 10 minutes.

6. Remove the charger cartridge

Unscrew the charger holder to release the empty cartridge. These soda chargers are recyclable, and you may store them for recycling instead of dumping them. While unscrewing the charger holder, there may be a gentle hiss sound.

This should not cause any alarm. However, if there is a loud hissing sound, you do not shake the contents well enough to dissolve all the gas. After unscrewing the charger, cover the threaded end with your soda maker's cap.

7. Dispense your fruit soda and enjoy

Gently press down the soda maker handle to release the drink into your glass for that unbeatable feeling of cold fruit soda down your throat.

8. Clean your soda maker classic and store it for the next kitchen adventure

Cleaning the soda maker classic will require you to dismantle all its parts to clean each piece individually.

Where can I get the best soda maker classic?

With clear steps on making fruit soda using a soda maker classic at your fingertips, it is only natural that you may be looking for the best place to purchase a quality soda maker to practice what you have learned.

Suppose that sounds like you, look no further. We have made the search easier for you by introducing the iSi Soda Maker Classic. This classic soda maker comes in an elegant yet simple design that assures you of class, convenience and quality. Below are other additional benefits of using iSi Soda Maker Classic.

1. It offers you natural carbon dioxide

The iSi soda maker classic allows you to enjoy natural carbon dioxide, which carbonates your drink and preserves it.

2. Fresh sparkle

The iSi soda maker classic gives you the opportunity to make delicious sparkling water, fruity sodas, and enjoy these refreshments right in your own home.

3. Timeless design

If you enjoy elegance and class, then the iSi soda maker classic has got you. With its elegant and timeless design, your visitors will not only enjoy the quality sparkling water or fruit soda but also the view of this heavenly appliance.

If you are purchasing this soda maker for your business, its sleek stainless steel offers the perfect finishing touch for your café, restaurant or bar.

4. Ease of use

The iSi Soda Maker Classic is easy to use as all you need is to add your drink into the soda maker, charge it, shake well, let it rest and dispense your drink for that refreshing feeling. Its elegant design also allows you to store your drink in the refrigerator without resistance easily.

Feel free to check out ISI Cream Whipper's products for more quality makers and for more information on the price and delivery options. With the iSi soda maker classic, you do not always have to reach out for pre-packaged lemonade juices, as you can make such from the comfort of your home.

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