The Definitive Guide to Making Coffee Syrup at Home

The Definitive Guide to Making Coffee Syrup at Home

Coffee syrup is a sweet, concentrated reduction of coffee that can be used in many ways. It’s most commonly used to give a sweet kick to desserts—especially ice cream. Many restaurants and fast food chains also use it as a side condiment on various sandwiches.
Coffee syrup is not just for dessert or fast food meals! In fact, the uses for this syrupy concoction extend much further than that. You can use it as an additive in cocktails or even as a dipping sauce for chicken fingers and other finger foods during game day or another party. Alternatively, you can simply add some to your morning cup of joe for an exciting new taste combo!
We’ll show you have to make coffee syrup at home so that you can enjoy its sweet and savoury flavours whenever you want with these easy recipes and tips.


  • 210g sugar
  • 210ml water
  • 80g coffee beans, roasted


Bring sugar and water to a boil once and cool again completely.


Pour into a 0.5 l Gourmet Whip together with the coffee beans and assemble the Rapid Infusion Set.


Screw on a Whip Cream Charger and let steep for at least 3 hours. Then quickly release the pressure and pass through a strainer.

Cold pressure infusion gives the syrup an intense yet balanced taste.

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