Looking for the cream chargers for your professional cream whipper? Look no further! The professional ISI cream chargers are the perfect accessory for your professional cream whipper dispenser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cream whipper bulb is a gas bulb that contains nitrous oxide. It works as the charger that releases N2O into the dispenser. The N2O-containing charger acts as a whipping agent. When nitrous oxide is injected into the whipped cream canister, it produces pressure that’s capable of giving the cream a foamy texture. You can only use 1 charger bulb for every preparation, and depending on how often you use your whipped cream dispenser, you have to buy the corresponding number of cream charger bulb refills. ISI bulbs are best used only with ISI whippers.
They are called the ISI Culinary Products which specifically refer to cream whippers and soda siphons and their accessories and gift items. Made for use in home and commercial kitchens, they are a premier line for preparing the best desserts, espumas, soups, sauces, and beverages.
Screw the bulb tightly on top of the whipped cream dispenser. See to it that it is secure- without any gas escaping. Shake the dispenser vigorously for 30 seconds to 1 minute until the nitrous oxide is released into its content. When you hear a fizzling sound, it means that your whipped cream is ready.
N2O when used in a cream charger does not oxidize the cream. It easily dissolves in the solution and gives it a fluffy texture. For whipped cream to be produced in a canister injected with N2O, it should have at least 28% fat content.
A cream charger is good for use only for 2 weeks. When used in a dispenser, preferably refrigerated, it causes the containing whipped cream to be expelled by the high pressure in the container.