ISI Whipper Replacement Parts. ISI Nitro and cream Whipper replacement parts are designed to meet the needs of users around the world. These OEM replacements are built with the same quality and precision as the original equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At some points, and just like with any device, you will need to replace some parts of your whipper or siphon. Replacement parts are necessary if their corresponding aspects in your kitchen or bar machine have deteriorated due to wear and tear, or if they break due to accidents. You can access these items for your ISI whipper or siphon online on the ISI website.
No. ISI whippers and siphons have been tailored to work perfectly only with ISI spare components. ISI cannot guarantee if you do otherwise. It’s best not to combine spare instruments from different manufacturers. To ensure authenticity, look for the ISI marks on the head and the charger holder, and at the base of the bottle.
Newly-purchased ISI whippers and siphons come with a 2-year warranty. If you need replacement parts during this time frame, the company’s customer service will happily assist you. You can contact them by email about this concern.
Yes, at the ISI spare shop, you can purchase a red charger holder that fits a 0.5L and 1L Gourmet Whip and a 0.5L Thermo Whip.
The ISI spare shop offers a replacement head that’s suitable for the Profi Whip and the Gourmet Whip.