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Funnel & Sieve

Funnel & Sieve

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a two-piece stainless steel tool that’s used to quickly fill your whipper. It’s for straining liquids that have seeds, pulp or kernels before they are filled in the canister. You can use these devices separately or together, and they are ideal for preventing spills when pouring in the content of your whipper.
These tools make your food preparation via your whipper fast and convenient. You can easily connect and disconnect them from your whipper. Made of premium quality stainless steel, they are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. The ISI Funnel and Sieve are compatible for use with all kinds of ISI whippers and they are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.
Just insert these tools into your favourite whipper. They perfectly fit into the canister so you don’t need to hold them. This equipment works to strain the liquid that you’re filling into your whipper, especially if it has seeds, pulp or kernels. The funnel and sieve can easily be connected and disconnected from the whipper. They can be utilised to prepare sauces and Espumas as well.
Other than making fresh whipped cream, you can also use a cream whipper to create delicate batters, fizzy cocktails and fluffy foams.
Yes. Heavy cream is not your only option for creating the fluffiest whipped cream. You can make foamy and tasty toppings with the use of skim milk, whole milk, or coconut milk.