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iSi 192 Cream Chargers Pack (commercial only)

iSi 192 Cream Chargers Pack (commercial only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

These N2O cream chargers are considered to be the best of their kind to date. As a Professional line, they are 20% more efficient compared to the original sort. This means you economise with their use, as well as with the base cream that you prepare. ISI Professional Cream Chargers operate with all ISI whippers, so you don’t need to buy a new device.
ISI has established a new standard in cream charger capsules in the form of their Professional line. Each bulb contains 8.4g of pure nitrous oxide that has been checked for quality and accurate weight. This product range allows you to save time and money because it provides 20% more portions.
Attach the capsule to your whipper’s charger holder and screw it onto the lid. Shake the entire equipment at least 6 times. Remove the charger holder and reuse the charger inside. Enjoy dispensing your delicious fluffy whipped cream!
These items come with a filling guarantee that ensures that each capsule has been individually weighed to contain exactly 8.4g of pure nitrous oxide. They are made of 100% stainless steel material from Austria and are guaranteed to have no oil residues. The production of these cartridges has been certified to adhere to HACCP standards.
These N2O capsules were designed for use with ISI whippers. As complementing tools, they allow extra production and higher stability of food preparations created with the equipment. ISI Professional Cream Chargers, in particular, are ideal for home and food service.