How To Choose The Best Soda Maker

How To Choose The Best Soda Maker For Your Soda Needs

What makes a good soda maker? It's one that does the job fast and easily. And that is creating sparkling water or your flavoured soda drink.

The best soda maker makes the process of carbonating water a hassle-free experience, especially when you swap over the CO2 in the canister.

There are heaps of soda maker brands in the market. One that particularly stands out is the ISI Sodamaker Classic. What's so special about this device is that it has a sleek and elegant design. It looks timeless being vintage, and yet it is crafted with modern materials. It's easy to store in your home bar, and it is attractive enough to display.

This article elucidates practical tips for choosing the best soda maker for your needs. What should you be particular about when purchasing such a machine, mainly because you want to make the tastiest fizzy beverages? What's more, is that you want to cut down on buying canned or plastic bottle sodas that are not environmentally friendly.

How Does A Soda Maker Work?

First off, you need to know how the process of carbonation takes place in a soda maker.
To begin with, you need to attach an accordant CO2-filled cylinder to the device. Then fill its canister with cold water until its maximum line. Take note if your machine is manual or automatic.

If it is manual, hold the button longer or press it multiple times. If you're using an automatic soda maker, simply push the button of your intended carbonation level. Some brands and models are designed with levers.

Cold water holds better carbonisation. The lower its temperature, the plentier of CO2 dissolves in the water. If the water in your fridge is cooler at 5 degrees, it can retain 1.5 times more CO2 than water from the tap that's warm at 20 degrees.

It depends on the number of people in your family or household, but a 1 litre capacity for your soda maker would more or less suffice, essentially because a good quality soda maker is reusable and easy to operate and refill.

How Much Does A Good Quality Sodamaker Cost?

The price of sodamakers varies according to brand and make, but if you're meticulous, you can avail of a good value purchase. For the ISI Sodamaker Classic, you'll have to shell out for a good investment, and that's approximately £75.99 to £77.67.

Compare the money that you spend for buying an ISI Sodamaker Classic, and you'll realize it's the same price as buying budget seltzers at the store. Nonetheless, think about how many times you reduce your plastic waste if you make your soda water at home via a home carbonation system, a.k.a. a sodamaker.

What Are The Types Of Soda Makers?

There are two general types of sodamakers, namely, automatic and manual. There are pros and cons to using each of these types, so consider your needs and budget before buying this device.

Automatic Sodamakers

A power source has to be utilised to operate an automatic sodamaker. These devices are normally featured with pre-set carbonation levels so that you can accurately employ the right dose of fizz or bubbles in your beverage. Often, they are in options of 1 to 3. The con of this type of machine is that you cannot customise the fizziness of your drinks.

Manual Sodamakers

An external power source is not necessary to use a manual soda maker. Instead of pre-set buttons, these devices have a manual button that you can use to control the carbonation of your beverage.

By all means, if you want to carbonate for a longer time, just keep on pushing that button. If you're a newbie, it may take some time to master this skill and to perfect the effervescence of your beverage. But when you get the hang of it, it will get easier.

Features To Look For In A Premium Soda Maker

Below are the features of the best soda maker that you should take into account to obtain the best results and products.

Is it easy to install and remove the canister?

There shouldn't be a lot of fuss to install and remove the sodamaker's canister. You don't need to fiddle about screwing and unscrewing it or taking the machine apart or turning it over.

Is the bottle easy to install?

Clicking the bottle in should be a simple and trouble-free process. Steer clear of buying a model that requires you to fasten the bottle in and out. This can be very tricky if it is full. The same thing with models that necessitates you to hold the bottle at a certain angle while carbonating and screwing it with your other hand. Skip buying those products.

Does it come with a drip tray?

This accessory can be handy for managing spills and over carbonation when using the device.

Does it have a compact and convenient size?

Can you store the machine easily in your home bar or kitchen? Also, does it look presentable?

Is the design appealing to you?

Different sodamaker brands come in different shapes and designs. If you're looking for something that appears elegant, vintage and timeless, go for the ISI Sodamaker Classic. Nevertheless, it is made of modern materials of a PEN bottle covered with stainless steel mesh.

Final Thoughts

With the above tips and information, you should be able to choose the best soda maker for your soda needs. With an ISI Sodamaker Classic, everything from sparkling water to Italian sodas and cocktails tastes as splendid as can be.

This handy machine will tickle your fancy and your creativity in concocting astoundingly refreshing and delicious thirst quenchers.

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