Enjoy carbonated drinks and soda water easily and quickly with our elegant, stainless steel soda siphon. The automatic pressure-releasing valve makes it easy to carbonate any drink — add ingredients and water into the base, press the pump,... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

This product for making carbonated drinks was created with a timeless and classic design in celebration of the ISI company’s 150th anniversary. Tradition was redefined with this soda maker wherein modern material has been crafted with a classic, vintage and stylish look.
This premium device is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel parts. It has been quality tested in Austria to ensure its reliability and longevity. It is easy to operate and can make carbonated drinks in a jiffy.
It’s simple and easy to use this product. Making sparkling water with it is fast. Just pour cold water into the siphon until it overflows above the inner tube. Screw the charger holder with the attached soda charger onto the standing soda siphon. Shake the siphon with its content and serve your tasty and fizzy sparkling water.
Upon doing so, make sure that you buy soda chargers. Your newly-purchased ISI Soda Siphon comes with a stainless steel bottle, a couple of rubber tubes, a pressure-control nozzle and an ergonomically-designed non-slip silicone-grip charger holder.
The ISI Stainless Steel Soda Siphon costs £44.75, and it’s great value for your money because this product has been quality tested in Austria for durability and reliability.