Whether you’re a coffee, tea, or cocktail lover, the iSi Nitro System is sure to conjure up extraordinary nitro drinks for every taste - at home and on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nitrogen chargers are used for Nitro infusing drinks and cocktails
The smooth taste of adding nitrogen eliminates the need for added sugars or creamers, these can also be used to add to the flavour and smoothness through reducing the drinks acidity.
Collect all your empty chargers and run them under water to make sure that there is no remaining gas. It is best to dispose of these canisters via recycling. Do not throw these capsules in your regular trash bin because they are a safety hazard. Instead, place them in a box to be taken to your local recycling centre.
No, as the Nitrogen system works at a much higher pressure these chargers can not be used in a standard cream charger
Nitro coffee is made from cold brew coffee. This beverage is infused with nitrogen gas that makes look like a Guinness with a velvety smooth look and taste.