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ISI Nitro Chargers- 192 pack

ISI Nitro Chargers- 192 pack

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Frequently Asked Questions

ISI Nitro Chargers are used together with the ISI Nitro Whip. This equipment is utilised to concoct barista-quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Making this beverage entails the combination of cold brew coffee and pure N2O. Charged with nitrogen gas, your coffee becomes rich, creamy and flavourful. Other drinks you can make with the ISI Nitro Whip and Nitro Chargers are Nitro Tea and Nitro Cocktails.
Each bulb contains 2.4g of pure nitrogen gas. To ensure accuracy, these cartridges have been weight individually and electronically, indicated by a filling warranty. They are made of premium and recyclable steel. If you go for the original sort, they are made of bronze. With a single use of them, you can create up to 1L of beverage.
Although nitro cold brew coffee does not taste significantly different from regular cold brew coffee, there’s an obvious difference between them. Because of the nitrogen infusion, nitro coffee is richer and more flavourful, with a very creamy top.
There’s more nitrogen content than carbon dioxide in nitro beer compared to the regular sort. The nitro bubbles in the beverage create a thicker and longer-staying foam. There is minimal carbonation in it because it has lesser CO2, resulting in a soft and smooth texture.
Beverages infused with nitro taste sweeter, even if you don’t put sugar or sweeteners on them. These drinks no longer become acidic because they contain nitrogen instead of CO2.