Put a colourful, sparkling, and fun twist on your soda to get the party started. The ISI Professional cordless soda bulbs charger features a unique component design so you can easily place the bulb into place, making it quick and easy to... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

It should be made of quality material, such as 100% recyclable steel and contains the right amount of pure CO2. It must be easy to set up and operate to inject CO2 into the liquid in your siphon. Look for versatility wherein the charger is compatible with different devices of the same brand. All these features you can find with the ISI professional soda bulbs.
Mainly, they are ISI devices such as the Soda Siphon, the Sodamaker Classic, the Twist’n Sparkle and even the Gourmet Whip. This line of ISI machines is bound to give you an extraordinarily sparkling experience as you prep up the fizziest beverages and other delights to surprise your guests.
Containing 8.4g of pure CO2, ISI soda chargers are paired with a soda siphon to mix up fizzy carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide is injected into the liquid in the siphon to carbonate it. The premier line of ISI soda makers is popular in home and commercial kitchens.
These CO2 bulbs are made of premium 100% pure and recyclable steel. Each of these cartridges has a filling warranty to guarantee that they have been individually weighed electronically to contain 8.4g of pure CO2. They can be used multipurpose with all ISI soda devices and the Gourmet Whip.
Soda chargers or CO2 cartridges are made of 100% steel, and they are recyclable. However, not all councils in the UK accept these canisters for recycling. They cannot be reused owing to their design, thus they end up being thrown as litter or discarded in the bin. They just fetch up on landfill sites.