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Twist'n Sparkle

Twist'n Sparkle

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Frequently Asked Questions

This beverage carbonation system is designed to fizz up water, non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. It is compact and easy to use wherein you can conveniently make sparkling and flavoursome drinks. The secret to this device is the carbonation wand that directly fizzes up the containing liquid rather than dilute it with bubbly soda or water.
This device allows you to make refreshing soda water and plenty more sparkling drinks. You can create bubbly beverages so tasty and freshening with it. Its handy bottle is made from PET, and it has a plastic-based functioning element. Available with it is a Twist ‘N Sparkle bottle set, and it has a 2-year warranty on purchase.
Pour your favourite chilled drink into the bottle. Slip in the charger in the holder, fasten it and twirl it to carbonate the liquid. If you want to store the remaining content, just snap the top and place it in the refrigerator. Stored properly, the carbonation of your drink can stay for 3 days.
No. The device’s operation is mainly based on its integrated sparkling wand and the ISI Sparklets soda charger.
You can fill it up with your favourite drink for up to 1 quart.