Nitrous Oxide

ISICREAMWHIPPERS.CO.UK is your ultimate destination in the UK for ISI brand cream chargers and associated accessories having been the sole UK distributor since 1991.
Our offerings include compact 7.5-8.4g canisters filled with food grade nitrous oxide gas under significant pressure, small enough to be only a few centimetres long for use in the catering industry.
Our cream chargers house 100% pure nitrous oxide, ensuring its safe and hygienic use for whipping cream and other sauces. These are marketed as whipped cream propellants and are used in conjunction with a cream whipper.
Nitrous oxide gas is a favoured choice for whipping cream, thanks to its chemical properties that allow it to interact with the cream's fat molecules. Being soluble in fats/oils and a condensable gas makes nitrous oxide an excellent propellant for whipped cream.
In the catering world, nitrous oxide is often referred to as E942
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Important Purchasing Information:
Please be aware that our nitrous oxide chargers are only sold to individuals over 18 years of age. We refuse sale to anybody purchasing if you are below 18 years old or plan to supply to anyone under 18 years.
please note ID may be required for release of your items on delivery. If you are unable to supply this delivery will be refused and items returned to our warehouse..
Any shipping costs will not be refunded in these cases.
ISICREAMWHIPPERS.CO.UK reserves the right to refuse sale if we suspect product misuse.