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iSi Rapid Infusion

iSi Rapid Infusion

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an ISI whipper accessory that’s used to infuse different flavours into a liquid in the quickest time. This system enables you to infuse liquid and solid ingredients in a matter of minutes.
In this system, the nitrous gas dilutes into the liquid and uses pressure to force it into the fresh, solid ingredient. After a few minutes when the liquid stays in that solid element, you should release the pressure and the foam out, consequently forcing the flavour of the solid ingredient into the liquid as it flows.
Put the solid ingredient flavour in your ISI whipper. Pour in the liquid that’s going to be infused and charge it with an N2O capsule. Twist and wait for about 1 minute. Release the gas out of the whipper and filter the infused liquid. It largely matters what your ingredients are and your intended results to determine the time the infusion takes.
This tool can be used to flavour liquids, to pressure infusion fresh fruit and vegetables, to quickly marinate vegetables, meat or fish and for plenty of other applications.
It contains 1 silicone sieve gasket that’s mounted on 1 stainless steel sieve; 1 stainless steel material ventilation tube; 1 silicone tube and 1 cleaning brush.