Nitro Black Tea

Nitro Black Tea

  • 650 mlCold Brew Tea (black tea)
  • 300 mlCold brew tea (grüner Tee)
  • 50 mlsugar syrup
  • 460 mlmilk
  • 30 gvanilla sugar
  • 2.2 giota carrageenan
  • 0.6 gxanthan gum


Nitro Blacktea

Place all ingredients (Cold Brew and sugar syrup) into an iSi Nitro. Screw on an iSi Nitro Charger and shake about 8 times.

Place the spout on the glass wall at a slight angle and press the lever fully.

Use a second iSi Nitro Charger for a more intense taste experience.



Mix all the other ingredients together cold, and heat while stirring constantly. Boil for two minutes, mix again, and chill for at least 6 hours.

Direkt durch iSi Trichter & Sieb in einen 0,5 L iSi Whip passieren, einen iSi Professional Charger aufschrauben und ca. 12- bis 14-mal schütteln.


The iSi system makes the mise en place of this extraordinary drink easier for you. Thanks to the creaminess of the tea, as a result of the iSi Nitro, you will serve up an extraordinary taste experience.

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