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ISI Gourmet Whipper

ISI Gourmet Whipper

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Frequently Asked Questions

This device is a multifunctional cream whipper manufactured by ISI. It is designed for use in professional and home kitchens. Other than creating foamy whipped creams and desserts, the Gourmet Whip can also be used to prepare light and flocculent espumas, soups, finger foods and hot and cold sauces. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with your kitchen preparations with this equipment.
Used with matching accessories, there are heaps you can do with this product. Flavouring, marinating, filling and decorating your foods, sauces and desserts are quick and easy with this versatile kitchen tool.
The Gourmet Whip is a premium product, having been made by ISI, an Austrian brand that stood for trust, quality and safety for over 150 years. Its size is small and handy, making it easier to store in any kitchen. This cream whipper is easy to operate and clean because it is totally dishwasher safe and you can optimise its function with compatible ISI accessories.
It is made by a premier Austrian company, ISI that has been operating for over 150 years. Its stainless steel material has been tested for quality and durability, enabling it to stay long. The Gourmet Whip is NSF-certified and designed for professional kitchens, making it a sophisticated, no-nonsense device.
This device is safe for storage from 34 degrees to a maximum of 165 degrees. This means that you can place it in a super cold refrigerator and it can handle warm to hot foods, too.