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iSi Nitro Whip With High Quality Stainless-steel

iSi Nitro Whip With High Quality Stainless-steel

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Frequently Asked Questions

This ISI whipper is for people who want to be part of a smooth revolution. The ISI Nitro whip is fundamentally used as a device for creating nitro drinks. One of them is the newest trend in coffee- the Nitro Brew, as well as Nitro Tea and Nitro Cocktails. Using the Nitro Whip, you add N2O to cold brew coffee and cocktails that in turn produce creamy, tasty and unique drinks.
This beverage is the new trend in coffees. Barista quality cold brew coffee is prepared with the use of the ISI Nitro Whip and an ISI Nitro Charger. Infuse pure nitrogen gas into the coffee contained in your whipper and shake. Voila! What you’ll then get is a creamy and flavourful brew with a velvety foam head.
No. It is important to note that only ISI Nitro chargers can be used with the ISI Nitro Whip. N2O chargers from other manufacturers do not work with this ISI device. Other brands of nitro chargers do not fit and cannot function with ISI cream whippers and soda siphons.
New and inspiring drinks can be concocted in as little time as possible with the ISI Nitro Whip. You can create novel beverages such as nitro coffee, tea and cocktails- with or without alcohol- as an individual preparation. If you have guests, you’ll “wow” them as you serve fresh and tasty drinks.
Quality is assured with this product because of its NSF-approved stainless steel material. It is designed for professional use yet it is handy, convenient and can easily be stored. It is suitable for quick and hygienic cleaning and comes with a 2-year warranty upon purchase.